About Us

We are an international organization working in more than 120 countries to promote and defend the rights of children. Our activities started in 1919 and we have contributed to the development of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by the United Nations.

Our vision is to have a world where all children are guaranteed their right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Our mission is to promote significant advances in the way the world treats children, in order to generate immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

Save the Children has worked in Peru for almost 30 years, focusing on the country’s poorest areas.  Since November 2011, we promoted the creation of the SC Children Advisory Council. Its objective is to contribute with SC Program in Peru to take good decisions in favor of children´s rights. They will give us advice, ideas, suggestions and help us with the situation analysis, formulation of plans and / or proposals and evaluation. In response to the invitation of SC, children´s organizations appointed a representative to the Children Advisory Council, formed with the participation of:

  • REDNNA (National Network of Children and Adolescents)
  • MNNATSOP (National Movement of working children)
  • MANTHOC (Movement of working children of Christian workers)
  • CONAO (Regional network of Children and Adolescents (ICA))
  • School Councils Coordination Unit. Junín Region.
  • Network of children “Vote for children”

SC, in alliance with civil society organisations and different human rights networks, works to ensure children receive an inclusive quality education, have access to health service, be protected from physical and humiliating punishment, and get their voices heard in the decisions that affect their lives. We are working in order to reduce child mortality, focusing on maternal and newborn healthcare in poor, rural areas. We are working  with communities to demand improved maternal and child healthcare services in the most remote areas and will work alongside the Government to show them how simple solutions such as better trained staff or increased information on childcare can stop children dying of preventable causes.

The majority of our projects are been implementing in alliance with partners. Also we have alliances with public entities like:

  • Ombudsman - Deputy for Children: supervision of the work of the State (the CRC monitoring), inspections in military barracks (children recruited inappropriately), supervision of Hospitals (treatment of children with HIV)
  • Working Group for the Fight Against Poverty (MCLCLP) coordination between the civil society and state that formulates policy proposals, programs and monitoring the implementation of public budget
  • National Council for Inclusion of People with Disabilities (CONADIS): Technical assistance to include protection and promotion of child rights in national plans for inclusion
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs - National Police: personnel training and technical contributions to the fight against trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation.
  • Ministry of Health: neo natal health
  • National Program for children under 5 years old (Wawa Wasi): Increased coverage and inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population: strengthening protection services, improved data collection system
  • Public Prosecutor: training of operators
  • INDECI (National Civil Defense Institution): emergency response